Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Overload!

After looking over my posts from the last few weeks, it looks like Christmas has thrown up all over the place! =) I love Christmas and it's always been a magical time of year for me since I was a kid, but it can get to be a little overwhelming... and of course too commercialized.

Receiving presents (or money ;)) is nice, but the baubles and decorations are temporary - people are what matter, and they'll be around a lot longer than the stuff we give to each other or put up around ourselves to 'feel' the season.

Take a moment this season to tell those important in your life what they mean to you. It's a small gesture that can really mean a lot to someone who needs it! Merry X-mas!

My first photo above is a nutcracker from a window display in downtown Terrell. I caught the reflection of the old First National Bank with a deep blue sky reflecting off the window too =)

Tonight is the 3 hour finale of Survivor! It's always sad to see a season end - but it means we're that much closer to the Season/Series finale of LOST starting in the new year too! The 2nd photo below was taken at the Survivor auditions last weekend in Ft Worth....


Woody said...

Hey Brian,

Cool Photos. I like the shot of the Aldinger Home at night time. That looks really cool

Anonymous said...

I wuv you, Bwian!