Tuesday, December 15, 2009

holiday cheer!

this time of year often finds people needing to stock up on some adult beverages, or finding that perfect gift for the drinker in their life =)

my first photo above is Scotty's Party Pak, located at 1607 W. Moore Ave. Below is Scotty's entry in Terrell's annual Christmas parade from last weekend (aka Scottie's :) ).

Jim at Terrell Daily Photo has some great shots from the parade, click over and check them out!

10 days til Christmas... i've done no shopping... and i'm behind on organizing pics and making my calendars for 2010... ack!

if you're out in the forney area, don't forget to stop by and check out the Forney Light Show! It only costs a couple can goods, which will go to a local food pantry, and the lights and show are definitely worth seeing!


Don and Krise said...

It's okay Brian, there's still time. Don't go stressing out and buying out Scotty's. I gotta say they've got one mean looking dude on the scooter.

Halcyon said...

I hate last minute shopping, I hope you get it all in and without too much stress!!

You've shown us the liquor store with the drive-in before haven't you? You must be a loyal customer! ;-)

brian stout said...

That was actually a drive thru beer barn that I showed before, we just have our fair share of liquor stores... I only drink beer for the most part, I learned my liquor lesson years ago!

marley said...

Talk about last minute Brian!

Guess you'll be making a trip to Scottie's!!