Friday, December 25, 2009

Friday night brews

happy Christmas evening... time to wind down from the festivities with an adult beverage - my choice, a Guinness Extra Stout...=)

as a beer lover, I normally prefer a regular 'ole macro-brew (coor's light) - but I also enjoy a good dark beer every now and again... and if it has my name on it, it can't be all bad! (no, my real name is not Guinness)....

I hope everyone enjoyed time spent with family and friends this week, and lots of food! I came home with plenty of leftovers, so I'm prepared if another snowstorm blows through! =)


Anonymous said...

another snowstorm? we actually had accumulated snow on the ground this morning, so it was a white-ish Christmas - I had snow on the ground, it didn't stick out at the farm, though.

i love the reflection - that's cool!

slim said...

This is a great shot. I like the way you set it up . . . and the reward of that rich tasting brew must have been a great Christmas treat.