Tuesday, December 22, 2009

calm, relaxing thoughts

one more day til my Christmas holiday and the long weekend begins! c'mon Calgon, take me away!

the photo for today is the faucet for my new tub that I had installed this year. It was financially painful to have the bathroom remodeled, but well worth it in the end... in my opinion. i'm pretty sure i've already used the clawfoot tub more in the last 2 months than i ever did the jacuzzi tub in 7 years =)

i hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday! we've decided to hang around terrell instead of getting out and travelling anywhere. the weather is supposed to get nasty over the next couple days also, which is all the more reason to hunker down and try to keep warm! merry christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Bee-U-Tee-Ful & a bubble bath sounds very relaxing!!!