Saturday, December 5, 2009

Flag Football - Fire vs Police!

This morning I went down to the football stadium in Ben Gill Park to watch the Terrell Fire Department whoop up on the Terrell Police Service. I predicted the outcome last night, but didn't expect the final score to be so lop-sided. At the end of the game the Fire Department had 36 points vs the Police total of Zero. =)

Like last year, the weather was frigid and my glove/mittens couldn't keep my fingers warm enough! next year i'll have to find a hand heat pack to put inside my gloves =)

I have a few more photos posted on my Facebook page here, click through and take a look! I'm still getting the hang of the new camera, but liked the way a few of these turned out!


Anonymous said...

YaY for the firemen!!! Firemen are HOT! hehheheheeee

Don and Krise said...

You're right. You do have some good shots here. What were you using for a lens?