Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Wrapping

Certain things about Christmas have always been magical to me, and bring back happy childhood memories. I always loved green grassy garland decked out with shiny decorations and placed around normally overlooked everyday things. A mantle, a support rail, or whatever. This one in particular adorns the railway leading into the First Baptist Church. Another magical place at Christmas =)

Happy Friday and weekend to all! If you're in Terrell tomorrow morning, Dec 5, don't forget about the flag football game pitting the Firemen vs. the Policemen!! The game begins at 10am tomorrow at the stadium in Ben Gill Park - entrance fee will be an unwrapped child's toy. C'mon out and watch the Firemen beat up on the Police (sorry, i may have revealed my bias), and help out with the local toy drive for Christmas!!


Don and Krise said...

The game should be excellent. They do the same thing up in Tacoma. They call it the Bacon Bowl. A great yearly fund raiser.

Michael Gresham said...

Like the angle of that shot. Good job.