Monday, March 1, 2010

heard it thru the grapevine...

Ok, with primary voting going on tomorrow (if you haven't already early or absentee voted!!), I'm doing one more political post today with a few new ads from the Sunday issue of the Terrell Tribune.

In a way I gave Betty Brown some free advertising by posting her ad on Friday. To be fair, my first photo above is the latest ad for her opponent, Lance Gooden.

Lance makes several good points, in my opinion. (click the photo for a larger view) I'd heard before how Betty Brown promised to serve no more than 4 terms if elected to office. And now, 'six terms and a lifetime government pension later, Betty Brown is running for a 7th term.' And let's not forget that she wants Asian Americans to change their names to something more 'American'... Vote for Lance!

And next, one final ad from the Sunday edition. This is an ad for Andrew Jordan running against Rick Harrison to be the new District Attorney. I was originally going to say something about politicians using their kids for votes - but it really doesn't apply since it was the grandparents who did it this case =)

And honestly, you'd have to be pretty cold to disappoint little Harper Jordan - so get out and vote for her daddy, Andrew Jordan!


Don and Krise said...

It's always something to sit back and watch the mud-slinging, whether it's true or not. The best part of the voting process is usually when it's over.

Jim Klenke said...

Already voted, hopefully for winners.