Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Downtown Terrell

Today's photo is a shot from the middle of downtown Terrell, or actually the middle of Moore Street (aka hwy 80), looking east towards the old downtown area.

Just to the right of the first pic, but out of view, is the Iris Theater as seen below.


Janet said...

U.S. Highway 80, I presume! Our downtowns share the same road.

Southern Heart said...

It looks like a very nice place to live!

Lynette said...

Looking east on Highway 80 towards Jackson, Mississippi, my home town. Hooray! Were you standing under a traffic signal, all red and shiny?

smilnsigh said...

Good shot!

Now you have to go down farther, and show us the old downtown. Please and thank you.

Being old myself, I "have a thing" for all things 'old.' ,-)


Halcyon said...

Highway 80 also runs through Jackson! Your stretch of it looks a lot cuter than ours though. :)

Unknown said...

We lived there. Best bbq shacks ever! Are the still there? On the other side of the tracks?