Friday, November 28, 2008

Skywatch Friday - Terrell Power Outage

As I mentioned in the 'update' from yesterday, we had a power outage yesterday morning here in Terrell that lasted a little over an hour. Just long enough to freak out people who were trying to cook Thanksgiving dinner. =)

It turned out that a 'transformer' (i think that's what it's called) burned out a couple blocks down on my street. The cylindrical shape at the top of this pole had some burned up wires and black markings at the top where it blew out. Funny how a small problem can compound for so many people, and at the same time make you appreciate the little things in life. Like electricity =)


Dan said...

Sort of like a reminder to be thankful for everything!

These burnout can be dangerous. If the trees are allowed to hang over these things they can start fires. I know this happend in Colorado a few years back. There was also quite a controversy in (I think) Boston recently over plans to trim trees back away from power lines and transformers in a stately old neighborhood. I would only take one, even minor, fire from a burned out transformer to change their minds I bet!

Tanya Breese said...

Oh my gosh, I bet alot of people were getting extremely nervous yesterday! Glad it was only out an hour!
Happy skywatch :)

Anonymous said...

At least the outage was only an hour. We are all spoiled rotten and it takes something like that to remind you (us) how dependent we are on so much. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. :-)

ShannonR said...

Great point about appreciating the little things! Those of us who were down here in Houston without electricity for about 2 weeks can definately relate! :)

Anonymous said...

I really don't think I could live without it at this point! It's been around too long - nope, I couldn't! But glad it's fixed now!!!

Anonymous said...

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