Tuesday, November 11, 2008

O'pine tree

In the week since the final decision on the presidential election, local trees have begun outwardly expressing their support for the president-elect, Obama.
For anyone who missed it, Terrell found itself in the news last week relating to the presidential election. We were even covered on the Rachel Maddow show - our little ole' town in the national news!
Normally we're known as the 'crazy town' where the mental hospital is located. Now we're known as the town whose local paper decided to not cover the Obama victory. At all. Our paper's wednesday edition had no Obama victory story. Nothing. The local paper's editor made a statement when questioned by other local news organizations about his decision and replied 'we're a newspaper, not a memory book.' So, we are the town who thinks the first black president is not news. The ouster of the Republican party and ushering in a Democratic winner is not news. I'm so proud....

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marley said...

That is just too mad too be true!! Some people are just not fit to be in the job they are in! Glad the tree is taking matters into its own hands, well branches!