Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We are the World Pumpkin

People around the world were tuning in to watch the results of the American elections last night... and I hope they finally realized that there are a lot of us out in America who NEVER voted for Bush and have suffered a long 8 years... I remember the awful feeling 4 years ago when I was sure all day that Kerry would win, only to be disappointed when watching the returns. I promised myself not to let my hopes get up too high last night -- but once I saw Ohio called for Obama I knew it was over. The networks still waited another 40 minutes, until the polls closed in California, before calling the whole thing over... after the last few elections going deep into the night with horrible stories about voting irregularities and problems it was nice to make an early evening of it!
Today's photo is one of the pumpkin entries from our halloween contest at work. I thought this one was pretty creative - however, the contest was really a pumpkin 'carving' contest - so this one won a prize for creativity =)


Chris said...

AMEN, Brian! AMEN!

I never voted for the idiot.


Halcyon said...

I never voted for him either. Although still not sure if my vote for Kerry counted. But I intended to vote for him at least!!!

What did the winning pumpkin look like?