Monday, March 28, 2011

two horses

or dos equis... whichever you prefer (click photo for larger view!)

i prefer a little rowing help (so i can take a cerveza break!)



Jim Klenke said...

not very fair, should have made her sit in front.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of two horses & I've never tried Dos Eguis, so I wouldn't know... but I can't believe it's warm enough to canoe in swimming suits down there already!!! Very cool! It's raining & 45 degrees here... YuCk! heheheee

Halcyon said...

I always thought the equis was an "X". Learn something every day! :)

I prefer the B&W version. It's cooler.

brian stout said...

please, don't learn from me! it was a lame attempt at a joke... instead of 4 horsepower, they're only going 2HP cause she's back there enjoying a dos equis!! you know it's a bad joke when you have to explain it... it was a bad play on the latin word equus for horse. nerd i am.

Lynette said...

Brian, what a great post!