Sunday, July 11, 2010

Terrell Photo Walk 2010

I'll be hosting the 2010 Terrell Photo Walk on Saturday July 24th - associated with Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk held around the world on that same day. Click here to sign up to attend in Terrell!

What is a photo walk? A bunch of people with an interest in photography get together to walk around an area and take photos. Everyone is welcome - all ages and skill levels.

After the walk, participants may submit photos to the Flickr group for our walk (I will link to the site after the walk) - and eventually upload a 'best' photo to submit for the photowalk contest through Kelby - more details here.

Where is the walk?:
  • We will meet in downtown Terrell on Saturday July 24th at 9am in the parking lot next to Risinger's Western Apparel (across from the Iris Theater); you can park in any legal parking space located around downtown.
  • We will take photos in downtown Terrell first and follow up at the L.E. Griffith house located at 805 First St. We will start in downtown and head over to First Street around 10am.
When: The photo walk is 'officially' held from 9am - 11am on Saturday July 24th. I will accept photos taken from anywhere around Terrell, as long as they are taken on the date of the photo walk.

One of the sponsors of the contest is NAPP - National Association of Photoshop Professionals. So, if you like to play around and edit your photos in your favorite software - feel free!! You can browse through past entries on Scott Kelby's site above, and see some wonderful ''shopped' photos of past winners.

Thanks to everyone for signing up, and feel free to contact me at with any questions.

I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, the 24th!

I will try to update again in the next week - as we hope to have the chance to photograph inside the basement in the Griffith house this year - I will send a confirmation when this is certain.


Gunn said...

A great SUMMER SHOT, and a great idea with the photo walk! I hope it was a nice day for all of you!?

Jim Klenke said...

Thats a sea of yellow and green. I am looking forward to the photo walk.

Anonymous said...

i can't believe you went to Keener w/o me

Halcyon said...

Love those sunflowers! Hope the photo walk is fun.