Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sleepy Saturday!

I got up early today to make it out to the 5k in Wills Point.

Unbelievably, I improved my time from 32:24 down to 29:41. For 3.1 miles. Quite unbelievable. I think the course must've been short or something, because I don't think i improved by 2.6 minutes...

My next race will be Saturday (next weekend) for the McKinney Historical 5k run. So it'll give me a chance to see if I really did speed up my pace that much. I have a feeling I'll be over 32 minutes next weekend =)

After the race, I got some good weekend naptime in! =)


Jim Klenke said...

under 30 is awesome, and doable next weekend.

Lynette said...

I too took a nap Saturday, but it was after my One to One computer class at the Apple Store. How's that for a wimp-out? You and Jim are tough guys.