Sunday, July 25, 2010

Terrell Photowalk 2010 continued

I just wanted to thank everyone who joined us for the Terrell Photowalk yesterday!

It was a little hot - but it's Texas, we all knew it would be!

A few people have already uploaded some photos to the Terrell Flickr group - feel free to upload as many photos as you want to the group...

Scott Kelby's Flickr group link is here - they only allow 5 photo uploads per day per person.

The Worldwide Photowalk main site will allow photo uploads for the contest beginning today, Sunday July 25 through next Saturday, July 31st. So, as you go through your photos, start thinking about which one you consider your best - and be sure to submit it to the Kelby site before next Saturday!

Once again, the sponsor of the contest is the National Association of Photoshop Professionals - so if you like to edit your photos, any post-processing is welcomed.

Please contact me at with any questions - also, if you'd like to be included on any future walks or local events please send me an email with your email address.

Thanks again for coming yesterday!

p.s. if you're on Facebook, look up Texas Daily Photo and Terrell Daily Photo and be sure to follow us on there too!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a successful Photowalk, but that spider scared the crap outa me! heheheee

Halcyon said...

These spider photos are fantastic! said...

WOW! Is it dangerous?