Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Terrell Photowalk 2010 - head's up!

On Saturday, July 24, Jim and I will be sponsoring the 2nd annual Terrell Photowalk as part of Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk 2010. As host last year, Jim brought about 30 photographers in to take shots of downtown Terrell as well as the homeplace of Dr. L.E. Griffith.

Click on the link in the right hand column or right here to sign up to attend!

The Terrell Photowalk is scheduled from 9a-11a on Saturday, July 24th and everyone is welcome to come and take photos! The current plan is to photograph around downtown Terrell, but we may add a 2nd location before the event!

Following the walk, one photo will be selected out of all submitted by participants. The submitted photo will then be judged among entries from across the world for a chance to win great prizes!

Click on the link here for more info from Scott Kelby's website, and I'll be providing additional details over the next month also!

Today's photos: After taking the photo of the Kaufman QB above, I had to drop my camera and step out of the way when I realized the receiver was coming directly toward me... I want to record the action not get knocked down by it =)

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