Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sometimes you win!

Sometimes you win!!

The event organizers held the awards ceremony following the race today. When they began to announce the 40-49 year old age group, I was surprised to hear that Jim won 3rd place for the age group! He won a little horseshoe trophy with a plaque that said Eustace Pioneer days; generic with no names.

Since I finished before him, that meant that I won too! I was called next, and won 2nd place with my finish time of 32:10.

Then came the awards for 50-59, male and female. Then 60-69, etc. And then several minutes later the announcer said they'd discovered several mistakes.

Later he announced the 70+ male awards and the overall male and female awards. Then he said they had some corrections coming.

Of course the mistake must be us winning, right? I mean afterall, the day started with them having no record of our registration on-line. Murphy's law and all that.

Then he said it - we have a correction to the 40-49 male awards. Jim went up before they said anything, figuring they wanted his back.

I was so happy to win an award. Finally. After all these sweaty days of training. I waited, hoping they weren't going to pull the thing out of my hands among some kicks and screams. I wanted that horseshoe award!

Then he said it - is Brian Stout here? So I kicked and screamed and gave it back.

But I still finished the race. And who needs a cheap old horseshoe made in China anyway...

So sometimes you lose on the same day you won... such is life.


Jim Klenke said...

Don't forget after you have back your horseshoe, one guy asked the other guy, into the microphone, what did Brian Stout win? The other guy said nothing.

skisgirl said...

That sucks! You'll always be a winner to me.