Monday, November 9, 2009

talkin bout an evolution

I've debated myself on whether to post before pictures of my bathroom. Mostly because of how horrible it looked, and then throw in a little embarrassment about how long I lived with it like it was, and I think you can understand =) But hey, the whole point of a good before and after series is to show some dramatic improvements!

A brief background on how my bathroom came to be in this 'before' state: several years ago I decided to remodel my own bathroom. 'Cause I'm so handy and all. I purchased a fiberglass shower enclosure and whirlpool bath combo from the local salvage yard/building supply store and I was halfway there! Or so I thought....

I did make some progress: tearing out a couple closets to enlarge the bathroom square footage; tearing out the old drywall and linoleum flooring and laying ceramic tiles (with the help of my mom); removing the old window that had been covered, and installing a new glass brick window (again, mom's help); and finally installing the tub and shower combo (this one an actual plumber did)
This was the point where I realized the shower would cover a considerable portion of the window - and there was absolutely no good way to frame this in and finish it out. So I quit. I hate to say I knew back at the time that everything would be ripped out and started over - but I kind of think I did. I would've at least finished out the walls if I'd thought it was going to remain =)

I realized at that point that I can drywall, sand, paint, lay tile and even refinish floors - but redoing an entire bathroom was too much. Which brings us to today. I was fortunate enough to reach the point where I could finally re-do my original mess of a remodel. I still need to do some decorating and hang some things on the walls - but I'm really excited about the finished product!


Halcyon said...

The new bathroom looks great! I love those walk-in type of showers and how cool is a claw-foot tub (even if it's not "antique")?? :D

Anonymous said...

It's B E A U T I F U L!!! I love it