Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Car for sale!!

today's photo is an old 1934 Chevy that was for sale out in Canton this past weekend. If you look close, you can see the small asking price of $30,000 (or best offer). Way out of my price range. In fact, i would be looking for a house in that price range before spending that on any car i'd ever drive =)

a small update also - i was going to document my experience in trying to purchase a clawfoot tub from Vintage Tub and Bath yesterday, but I've decided to hold off on saying anything until my entire exchange is complete.

In short, I purchased a tub online Sept 18, and I'm still waiting for my tub. The company immediately deducted the purchase price out of my bank account - and now, nearly 7 weeks later I still have no tub.

I've had positive interactions with both a marketing executive from the company as well as a customer service manager. Long story short (which I will describe in detail at a later time), I am hopeful that a brand new claw foot tub will be on the back of an 18 wheeler tomorrow headed from California to Texas! I should know soon, i hope, fingers crossed =)


Don and Krise said...

Great car Brian. This afternoon I was photographing a customer's truck. A 1938 Dodge pickup. This truck originally belonged to my customer's grandfather so the sentimental value is huge. Maybe I'll post a photo in the next few days.

On the subject of home resto and your tub, have you ever checked out houseblogs.net? Tons of blogs by people renovating older houses. An absolute wealth of information and sources. (and some pretty entertaining writing too.)

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Nice car!

Ya want me to go kick their a$$e$ for ya$ Cuz I'll do it, I'm not in the best mood w/ people these days anyway!