Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Theme Day - Doorways

Wow, it's still hard for me to believe how quickly this year is flying by... november here already? yikes!

The theme day at the City Daily Photo Blog for November 1st is 'Doorways' - and my photo today is the side of the ATT building in downtown Terrell, and the 2 back exit doors =) the weather this weekend was beautiful, and almost made up for the 31 days of rain that we've had!! =)

please take a few minutes to browse thru some of the other daily photo blogs participating in the theme day! Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

Ps. Check back on Monday for a comment about trying to order a claw foot tub online from Vintage Tub and Bath in Pennsylvania. It has NOT been a pleasant shopping experience.


Don and Krise said...

I think you've got more cool brick buildings in that city than Carter has pills.

Great shot Brian!

Free Games said...

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marley said...

As well as having the obligatory door I also like the angles and the contrast of colours. Nice post for theme day!