Friday, November 20, 2009

friday, at last!

Today's photo is the 'Iglesia Christiana Ebenezer'. In English, this means Ebenezer Christian Church. I thought the name Ebenezer was kind of funny, and with it getting close to Christmas and this new Jim Carrey movie out thought it would make a good selection for today!

This has been a long week for me, and I'm glad to finally see the weekend arrive again. We've had a dreary rainy day today.... and I still can't believe it's less than a week til turkey day!

Jim over at Terrell Daily Photo has posted a photo of the Koffee Kake Coffee House sign today, with the announcement of the loss of SPC Joseph Lewis. I'd much rather see Koffee Kake advertising their new 'casseroles' for sale, but the sign serves a good purpose for spreading the sad news as well. Koffee Kake and Jim have posted similar signs in the past for SPC Jonathan Emard back in June 2008, and more recently for SSGT Shawn McNabb just a few weeks ago at the end of October.

In my last post I linked to Michael over at Obstructed Views for breaking the news about SPC Lewis, and today he has some more bad news. Another loss for our community, only this time it's a young man named Randy Snow who overcame great adversity at an early age and went on to show what determination and the will to succeed can do.

When these things happen, it really makes one think about life and the things that are most important. And it also reminds me of Christina's post from this week, where she pondered, "If tomorrow doesn't come and my time is up, I want to know that I loved, and laughed, and enjoyed, and yes, even cried sometimes. Because let's face it folks, that is what life is all about." And it is.

Christina is on vacation at Disney World this weekend, and today had reservations for breakfast with the characters from Alice in Wonderland. Pretty cool, IMO, eating breakfast with the characters of one of your favorite books. I think I need to go track down the Bobsey twins or Hercule Poirot and see what's for breakfast!

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