Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday... unofficial Theme day

Well, since I procrastinated and missed signing up for theme day -- I decided to procrastinate and post my 'unofficial theme day' photo late also =) just kidding - I ended up going through a lot of trouble trying to gain access to my website today, which ended up being a problem between sitemeter and Internet Explorer... all seems to be working now, and I have now d'loaded firefox as an alternative browser just in case... anyway, the theme day fell on skywatch friday so -- here is my metal (buford drugs sign) and a bright blue sky...

I have a nice political photo ready for tomorrow that I'll be posting in tandem with Jim over at Terrell Daily Photo... =) and a brief smoking update - I'm almost 6 weeks smoke-free now, and today I went and joined the local gym AND went and worked out for almost an hour!

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Lake Lady said...

Congratulations on quitting smoking! WAY TO GO! Jim's blog led me over here....cute interaction on the outhouse!