Thursday, August 14, 2008

BOB (big ole building)

Today's photo is the back of a building that faces the main strip in downtown Terrell - the first 2 floors of the building houses Hard Bodies Fitness and Training Center, which is the gym that I recently joined to try and get in shape. Since quitting smoking at the end of June I had gained about 5 pounds - so I joined the gym on August 2nd to try and work out and stay in semi-shape =)
I need to do some research to find out what the building originally was, with the size I would guess a hotel but who knows. The first floor ceiling inside is probably about 15 feet tall or maybe a little more, with the old tin tiles and trim all around the edges and crown molding. It's impressive now and I'm sure was even moreso in its day. I'll try to get some inside pics in a follow up post... anyway, I've been getting up before work every weekday since Aug 4 now (8 work days in a row) and worked out, so yay me! I hope I can keep this up through at least the end of year. =) fingers crossed X

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Anonymous said...

The builidng pictured was at one time housed the McCory Nickel and Dime store on the first floor. The Second floor housed a clinic/hospital owned by Dr. Friddell. I think the third floor was a series of offices. I got thirty two stiches in my head on that second floor in 1943.