Sunday, August 31, 2008

memories of yesteryear

Today's photo is the old frame cabin of a car... maybe a model A or T? It resides on a side street near the downtown area of Terrell... If I had a big enough yard, I'd use it as a big planter =)

Jim over at Terrell Daily Photo had one last month of an old VW Beetle that had been turned into a planter and painted like a lady bug! Here's a small shot, but you click over to Jim's site for a better photo!

and just a quick update on 'current events' -- we have hurricane Gustav barreling through the Gulf of Mexico towards New Orleans and Mississippi... Senator McCain is 'on-hand' in Jackson Mississippi to oversee hurricane preparations. Waiting now to see if the weather will disrupt the plans for the Republican convention. President Bush and Cheney have both canceled their appearances for Monday....


Dan said...

These remind me of my father-in-laws place in rural Missouri. I think he has every car he has ever owned in the front yard!

Have you seen the VW at the Dallas Arboretum? It is covered in flowers.

Victor said...

Not sure what make the rusted car is but it's definitely not a Model T or A. It looks to be from 1932 to 1935.

Halcyon said...

I love the bug! So cute.

I haven't seen McCain around town, but I guess he's probably keeping out of the rain. I wonder where he's staying, all the hotels are fully booked with evacuees.

No room at the inn for Mr. Senator.