Wednesday, August 27, 2008

down the street

This is a view down my street... a small new section of sidewalk wtih a nice clean edge to the grass in the lawn... i'll have to follow up with a photo of the concrete in front of my house, and the sections where you can tell the pecan tree roots have grown underneath =) My pecan trees are the tall trees behind the telephone pole at the end of this sidewalk


Chris said...

We live in a relatively new subdivision, and there are yards where the builder protected the old trees and left them when building the homes. Most of them have roots that have started to uproot the sidewalks near them.

Re: Obama. . . I saw 2 Nobama stickers in KY when we went to Ohio over the weekend. I'm surprised, though, at the number of Obama stickers here simply because last 2 elections, I saw very, very few from that side of the aisle.

Halcyon said...

Your lawn looks nice. Any tips? :)

marley said...

Nice photo. It looks all clean and new there. We could do with that outside my front, its all pot holes and uneven tarmac!