Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Chain is Coming

A Change is coming too!

These are the chains from yesterday's swing in the yard at the First Baptist Church.

I've decided to begin including a 'current events' item every now and again to kind of document it for when I look back over posts... so - looks like the big news item this weekend is Obama-Biden 2008! Well, that and McCain doesn't know how many houses he owns. What a horrible problem to have!

p.s. From the Chicago Sun Times, I've just realized that John McCain owns more homes than I own pairs of shoes. Amazing, huh?


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Lynette said...

This is a good idea, Brian. I might do it every now and then myself.

I do so wish our troops were on their way home, too.

Thanks for your visits and comments. Have a good week.

Chris said...

I like your current events idea, Brian. May I copy?

Re: McSame. . . .Yes, that we all would have that housing problem.