Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Terrell Water Meter

Today's photo is a water meter located in the downtown area of Terrell. Funny how the Terrell meter is stamped and made in Grand Prairie, Texas.
**Update: I should have mentioned that our city is in the process of replacing all of our water meters. As they replace the water meter, they also replace the water meter cover with a new bright blue painted cover. This method allows them to more easily see which ones are 'complete'.**


Lynette said...

Nice shot, Brian. By the way, I think the crow was telling me to get on the bus and go to work like a good girl!

Anonymous said...

This is about as nice as I have ever seen. We have some here where I live which are a rusty brown iron. I think that is the way ours were intended to look.

Nice photo though.
Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio

marley said...

Good shot. It looks so clean, has it been freshly painted?!

Halcyon said...

Are they those electronic reading ones? A water person came to our house recently and just held this computer thing over the lid. Voila, instant reading!