Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Terrell Alley

Today's photo is the alley behind the southern side of downtown Terrell. This street is right between the businesses and the train tracks that run through Terrell. The perfect place to hide all the power lines and poles that one wouldn't want to see on the downtown strip.

Interestingly, I was going to include the name of the street but can't seem to find it. On one google map, the street doesn't even show up; on another one it does show the street but it has no name. So, this must be the place where the street has no name.


Small City Scenes said...

Your comment on my blog is TOO funny, she said dryly. hehe.

Sometimes alleys don't have names so people and things can hide better. MB

Lynette said...

You've got it, Brian, the street with no name, right there in a photo. Neat! How tongue in cheek is that?

Chris said...

It drives me nuts to go someplace and not find a street sign. One thing I like about Ft. Myers (where my son lives) is that they post signs BEFORE you get to an intersection so you know which street you're approaching. I wish everyone did that.

BTW. . .I like wine, not beer. My husband likes the domestics, like you.

marley said...

Good idea to have a place to hide all those poles. I always wondered where the 'street with no name' is, and you had it all along!

Southern Heart said...

All those utilities have to go somewhere, I suppose...but you think they'd still give the "utility street" a proper name. :)