Thursday, March 13, 2008

Abitibi Paper Retriever

Today's photo is a cartoon character from our local paper recycling bin in Terrell. I chose this to post because I have a meeting at work today for an 'Earth Day' committee I've been elected/selected (forced) to be on. Earth Day is April 22nd this year, and this is our planning meeting to see how we can make changes around the office and in our every day lives that can make a difference in conservation efforts for our earth.

Personally, I've already replaced all the original windows in my older home with double-paned energy efficient windows (it was nice to finally have windows that weren't painted shut) and I've also replaced my old shingled roof with a metal roof. The metal helps to reflect sunrays off your roof and keep your home cooler in the summer - and it also helps to keep the heat in the home during the winter. I've actually seen savings in my heating and cooling bills around 20-25% since making these improvements. My 'project' for this year is to add insulation up in the attic to see if I can trim a little more off these bills.

I'll be posting some more 'green' information over the next month... did you know that you can buy insulation now that is made out of recycled denim/blue jeans? And the final note for today: Please remember to flatten your cardboard!



Halcyon said...

Yay! I'm always glad to meet people who are also environmentally conscious. Keep up the work, remember every little bit helps!

marley said...

I always flatten my cardboard! And my plastic bottles! And my tin cans! I try to do my bit. Glad you're doing your bit too. You could make your office the greenest in America :)