Monday, March 24, 2008

Brin Opera House

Today's photo is the old Brin opera house, located on the main downtown strip. Terrell doesn't have an actual 'square' like a lot of older towns. We have a small state highway, highway 80, that runs through the middle of town (along with the railroad that runs parallel to 80). The Brin opera house is located directly between Moore Street(hwy 80) and the railroad tracks.

I'm researching more about the history of this building, and will have a follow up post soon with an older photo of how it used to look. The inscription at the top of the building says "1874 Philip Brin 1922". It's currently used as an office building.


Southern Heart said...

Very nice photo! I, too, love learning the history of a building...I'm glad that this one is still in use.

Halcyon said...

Highway 80 runs through Jackson as well!

VoiceOfReason said...

Philip Brin was my grand uncle. Horace Flatt of the Terrell Historical Society has the whole story of the building and our family.