Sunday, June 19, 2011

sunday treat

trying to decide if my shirts are shrinking... or if my belly's growing =)

(not requesting any idle speculation, just wondering internally)

thanks to Terrell Daily Photo for the pic!

i need to run an extra 10 miles this week to make up for that delicious peach/strawberry swirl ice cream from Ham's Orchard!

Monday Update - apparently a car accidentally drove through the front of Ham's orchards building today! Click over to the tribune for a pic. Luckily, the bench we were sitting on is not the one involved =)


Jim Klenke said...

plain peach is better than the swirl.

Lynette said...

You and your sweet grandmother, right? The link to the damage from the car makes for some interesting reading. Here in the Portland metropolitan area lots of similar events have happened since I moved here five years ago, way more than I ever, ever remember happening in my home town, Jackson, Mississippi.