Wednesday, January 20, 2010

8 things

I've been tagged! I received notice from Don at Olympia Daily Photo recently and now I need to answer a series of questions ... I'm choosing to participate, but I'm not going to tag anyone to pass it along. I've been a little busy lately and may not be able to follow up with all 8 people this requires, so i'm only half-participating! =) So here are my answers ...

8 TV shows I watch on occasion:

2. Survivor
3. Big Brother
4. American Idol
5. Judge Judy
6. The Mentalist
7. Medium
8. Amazing Race

8 favorite places to eat & drink:

1. Panda Chinese Buffet
2. Napoli's Italian
3. Buffalo Wild Wings
4. Blue Moon Cafe - Choctaw Casino =)
5. Las Vegas!!
6. PIzza Inn Buffet
7. Home
8. Which wich

8 things I look forward to:

1. Coming home from work
2. My first 5k run this year
3. Walks taking photos
4. Trips to the casino
5. vacations to vegas or wherever
6. Weekends
7. The days when i can work less and travel more
8. The day when my house is paid for (28 more months!!)

8 things I love about winter:

1. Snow, snow snow!
2. Icy days at home
3. Lazy Sundays watching a movie.
4. My new clawfoot tub and a hot bath
5. Holiday food
6. Gas prices dropping
7. New Year's
8. Beer (I love this about spring, summer and fall too)

8 things on my wish list

1. A six pack (this time i'm talking abs)
2. The winning lotto ticket
3. A Nikon D300 and more lenses
4. To learn to play the guitar
5. Time to take a few road trips - i'd love to drive to California!
6. To travel more - locally and overseas
7. A Mac Book Pro
8. a swimming pool

8 things I am passionate about:

1. Photography
2. Spouse & family
3. The outdoors
4. Walking/Jogging/Exercise
5. Gambling
6. Music
7. History
8. Reading

8 things I have learned from the past:

1. To never have regrets
2. Look to see if the roll is empty before you sit down =)
3. It's all ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end.
4. You can't change people
5. Don't expect so much from people that you set yourself up for disappointment
6. Let go of the negative, embrace the positive
7. Situations can be viewed from completely different perspectives
8. Honesty will always be the best policy

8 things I want/need:

1. A swimming pool
2. A college degree
3. A tune-up on the old pickup (and inspection, expires jan!)
4. Peace of mind
5. A home-based business =)
6. A piano or keyboard
7. A real vacation
8. A kegerator


Michael Gresham said...

Everyone needs a kegerator.

Don and Krise said...

Great answers Brian. Thanks for being a sport and participating.

Anonymous said...

What kind of camera do you have?