Thursday, January 28, 2010

please forgive me...

my photo today is a 'forgive me' note that i found laying on the sidewalk in downtown terrell. I've smudged the names to protect the innocent.

Just a few observations:
  • cutting one's arms off is a little extreme, G.
  • G is a man of few words
  • D must not have liked the note, cause she tossed it out on the main street downtown
  • i hope D and G worked everything out and everyone is still armed
  • G's tired


mike said...

he is a fan of exclamation points too! and he luvs her!

Anonymous said...

You're one hell of a detective, bro!

Anonymous said...

great find, tho

Don and Krise said...

Leave it to you to find this stuff. I do wonder how old D & G are. I'm waaaay past cutting arms (or anything) off.