Sunday, January 11, 2009

Road trip

i took a quick road trip with my grandma up to Choctaw casino in Oklahoma yesterday. This first photo is the railroad bridge that spans across the Red River between Texas and Oklahoma.

The next pic, well, is the someone who I apparently treat like a dirty old shoe. At least, that's what she tells me. These pictures, by the way, are taken with the Samsung point and shoot that my mom and I bought her for Christmas =)


Halcyon said...

What? Dirty old shoe? You'd better not be treating your Granny like that! ;-)

I have crossed the OK/TX border many, many, many times. Love that bridge.

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen!!! Are you still smoke free? I'm doin pretty good w/ the no smokin - I've had 4 cigs since Friday, which really IS an accomplishment, because I usually smoke about a pack a day!!!
Nice shot of the bridge, Brian! Very cool!

Jane Hards Photography said...

I came to say I love the bridge image, I hooked on bridges but the quote about How you treat this fine looking woman made me laugh. You need a sense of humour when you blog.

Lynette said...

Brian, I have to say that if that's how a dirty old shoe treats one, then I want that when I'm your grandma's age, honey! Love this photo and both of those bridge photos.

elsa said...

I love this kind of bridge. I saw some near Highway 59 near Houston but I was driving and not able to photograph them.
I relate this tyoe if bridge to America. Don't know why.