Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Going out of town for the holiday? I'm looking forward to some chocolate chip pecan pie! I've got to do some extra walking this week to make up for all the food I'm about to eat =)

I hope everyone has a nice and safe holiday!

**Update: we had a brief power outage while I was posting this photo - it lasted for almost an hour, which I'm sure caused a lot of electric oven people a headache - I'll be following up with a photo later! In the meantime, here's a photo of my oven. It's the original old O'keefe and Merritt stove that came with my house. I kept it in the remodel last year =) It's not big enough to cook a big turkey, but at least it worked during the power outage =) :


Lynette said...

Love the stove! Know you'll love the pie!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Brian, from all of us up here at Portland Oregon Daily Photo.

Hope said...

Wow! That's a cool stove! I love the sign in the store in the 1st post...."Gone"...that brought a smile to my face.

I see you are also a fan of chocolate chip pecan pie! So am I! Love it!

marley said...

Chocolate chip pecan pie?! DELICIOUS!!

Happy thanksgiving Brian :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that GONE sign looks like it should have come from my neck of the woods!!! Yeee Haaaw!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW - I LOVE YOUR STOVE - It looks very cool!!!

Tash said...

Cool stove! I like the vent hood too.