Tuesday, September 30, 2008

American National Bank

A different perspective.

And for my post for yesterday, I apologize for the lack of explanation. I am a political j*u*n*k*i*e. I eat, breathe and live politics from the time I get up until late at night. I read news sites and political blogs, and listen to 'talking head' pundits, etc. Sunday morning means waking up early to watch 'This Week' with George Stephanopolous, 'Meet the Press' or even Face the Nation... =) So, Thursday for me is the Vice Presidential candidates debate!

I wasn't always like this - I never paid attention to politics at all before the Iraq war started. I think in late 2003 I really started to try and 'learn' politics. Before 2003 I really couldn't tell you one difference between Republicans and Democrats. I didn't know who was what, or even which party I identified with. Anyway, I try my best not to push or force my political views on anyone - but this is a very momentous and important election this year. Perhaps the most important I'll see in my lifetime.... but like everyone else, I'm getting close to election burnout (but not yet) =) or at least maybe a burnout with the media and it's coverage of the election.


Dan said...

Thanks for the explanation!

Great pic today. Love the colors and point of view on this. Kinda makes me think that the bank is falling over, which in general seems to be happening. That's what happens when you lend money to people who can't repay I guess!

Anonymous said...

Amen Brian! I'm totally ignorant about politics - you know that!
It really does look like it's falling over, like Dan said! Imaginative shot - everyone's always saying, "use your imagination!"