Saturday, September 13, 2008

modern day dinosaurs

Today's photo was a 'Hummer' advertisement applied to the entire side of a building in downtown Dallas. I really can't see the need for anyone to be driving one of these until they can get about 35 mpg... it just seems to exude such extravagance and exemplifies the wastefulness of our natural resources... Since stopping smoking I've been trying to walk more at times when I'd be driving...

as a side note to current events, my sister told me that gas prices in SE Missouri had risen to $5.00 a gallon as of yesterday probably due to Hurricane Ike coming across the gulf and hitting Texas. Our winds have really picked up today and I've got one small branch that has fallen from the pecan tree in the front yard, but for the most part it's just a beautiful rainy windy day here in Terrell!


Chris said...

Hummers were HUGE in Nashville a few years ago. . .used to see them all the time. I think that people drove them just to show off.

Gas here hit $5.25 in a few places. The highest in our general area was $4.25 yesterday.

Halcyon said...

I HATE Hummers. Not only are they wasteful, they are also ug. :s

Gas was up to $5 a gallon on Friday afternoon over here too. It's gone down now though since the big "rush".