Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thanks, but no thanks....

I asked Frosty to play a quick game of pool tonight... he said, "thanks, but no thanks...."

McCain's been demanding Obama meet him in townhalls to talk to 'real people' about real problems for weeks - and now that the date has came upon us, McCain is saying "thanks, but no thanks...." Mccain is trying to postpone the first presidential debate until when? oh, the SAME day as the VP debate... can Palin not handle a debate?!? how can she handle the presidency??


Capt. Ben said...

I'd like to see Palin debate Frosty! Or maybe they could play nine ball

Either way, my money'd be on Frosty.

Halcyon said...

I don't think the campaign advisers trust Palin to do anything unscripted.

My vote goes to Frosty, with or without debate.

marley said...

He has grown into a really handsome cat! His dad must be proud of him, even if he won't play pool!

It really is an interesting time ahead in this campaign. I think they have Palin to try to appeal to those that wanted Clinton as VP to Obamam. I don't think many people buy it. She just looks so out of her depth.