Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today's photo is a daylily; a message to remind me that quitting smoking will be a daylily one day at a time objective.... and the first objective will be to go an entire day with no cigarette =) I'm normally a 2 pack a day smoker (don't have heart attacks, anyone) and I've only had 7 smokes today as opposed to 40 (2 packs worth)... I'm committed to this, don't get me wrong - I just thought at first that I could keep an emergency 'stash' - which I don't think is conducive to the whole purpose or objective. So, I decided to go ahead and finish my last few today - and I'm committed to not spending $5.00 a pack for any more. now the sadness will set in - so here's a happy picture for today... =)
p.s. btw, paint update - this wall behind the flower has been primed and is ready to paint after a little caulking! more updates to come....


Lynette said...

Oh, Brian, what a lovely photo! I'm so glad that you posted it. About your campaign, stick to your plan, man. Thank you for enjoying my posts!

Hilda said...

Good luck, Brian! I wish I had the guts to quit too, but I know I'm not ready yet. Just thinking about quitting makes my stress go up several levels.

I just wanted you to know that our web server at work has stopped zapping your header image. I can see it now. Sorry for taking some time to get back to you—haven't been staying much at my computer at work.

The lily's pretty, by the way. Thank you. Lilies are my favorite flower. Simple yet extravagant, if that makes sense. :)

Dan said...

Wonderful pic. I have these growing in my yard and they have been on my list to photograph. I think you just motivated me.

Good for you and the quitting smoking. I have never smoked by known lots of people who have and understand the challenge of quitting. As with any goal take one day at a time, celebrate small successes, don't give up, pray!

marley said...

Nice photo. I like the contrast of the colours. Glad to hear you are quitting smoking. I'm sure you'll feel better for it.

I liked catching up with your past posts. Nice to see Frosty enjoying himself. Look forward to your cat blog. My cat finds his very rewarding!

Come over to Cheltenham to see some colourful photos from my trip to Greece :)

Halcyon said...

Glad you have made the decision to quit smoking. I think it's one of the best things you can do for yourself. :)

The flower is very pretty too. And good luck with the housepainting!