Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Texan Theater Greenville Texas

This is a sign from an old movie theater in the historic part of downtown Greenville, Texas. Greenville is located about 30 miles north of Terrell off highway 34 and I-30.
There seem to be quite a few 'Texas' or 'Texan' theaters in Texas - is this common in other states? I could imagine a 'Californian' or a 'Virginian' theater, but it doesn't seem to work well for other states... The 'Missourian'? or the Rhode Islandian? what about the Louisianaian theater....


Pat said...

I would love to live in a town with only the population of yours. Guelph has over 100,000 and it's getting big!!

Nice photo.


Guelph Daily Photo, Pat's Photo-a-Day

Kunal Bhatia said...

well, there aren't any Mumbai-named theaters in Mumbai atleast.
- Mindless Mumbai