Monday, January 21, 2008

Kaufman City Lake Pier

First off, the photo for today is a shot of a fishing pier in the Kaufman City Lakes Park in Kaufman, Texas. Kaufman is about 14 miles south of Terrell, and this park is located right off highway 34.

Yesterday, Halcyon at Jackson Daily Photo gave me a "You make my day" award. She has some beautiful photos from Mississippi... and Jim, from Terrell Daily Photo also nominated me for this award. Thank you both for your votes of confidence!!

I feel honored to receive it after having my blog for such a short period of time. I've seen some very talented photographers and amazing photos on so many sites since joining, and still have a lot to learn and improve on my skills.

There are quite a few blogs that I'd like to nominate for this award, in the spirit of passing it along to other people whose photos inspire us...and here are a few blogs that have some great photos that I really like...

Uma por dia at Lisbon Daily Photo
Monoblog in Izmir, Turkey
Selma, Alabama
Zentmrs at San Diego Daily Photo