Thursday, January 10, 2008

First Baptist Church Terrell

Today's photo shows one of the beautiful stained glass windows in the First Baptist Church in Terrell. The church is located on the corners of Brin and Catherine streets and Brin and Frances (they have the whole block). The church was started in the 1870s, and has been housed in several buildings since then. The windows were originally part of one of the earlier church buildings built in 1905, and were later installed in the newer sanctuary built in the 1950s. A history of the building and church can be found here.


Carlos Lorenzo said...

Lovely color for a church. I like that.

Annie said...

Stained glass windows, with the light streaming in, uplift me each and every time I look at them. But they do look sad, don't you think, when they are dark.

slim said...

Great colors in this photo. Are the bricks really chartreuse colored?

I agree with you Annie -- and to take that one step further -- I think stain glass windows are a metaphor for life. Their beauty and color is always there but will vary in intensity depending on the ebb and flow of light. Those moments when the window lights up are to be fully enjoyed and savored until the next time.