Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Browser - Commerce Texas

Today's photo is another one taken in Commerce, where I first went to college after high school. The Browser was kind of a 'junk-tique' or knick-knack shop that was located near my fraternity house.

It seemed much larger back in 1989, but inside the small garage in the background they had rows and rows of shelves with small items - some junk, sometimes you may find some small treasure in there for a bargain price. The store doesn't appear to exist anymore, and the sign out front is the last thing remaining... aside from memories.


marley said...

Nothing like finding a treasure for little money. Shame its not there anymore.

Unknown said...

WOW! That brought back some memories! I went to East Texas State University in Commerce from 69-73 & actually bought a pot belly stove from "The Browser". Still have it today. I put a hot water heater burner in the bottom where the grate is & use it for extra heat in the winter. Thanks for the picture.