Saturday, May 28, 2011

polka fest 10k

thanks to jim over at terrell daily photo for today's photo of me at the beginning of the polka fest 10k...

my time wasn't great today, but i had an excuse. last night, while preparing for the race, i reached for a 24oz beer from the top of the cooler at the convenience store - and a 24oz can next to my selection fell and hit me on the ankle. i had visible swelling and a bruise! so, i limped along today and finished my 6.2 mile run in 1:20.

It was a nice run, with a cool breeze... and even with my bad time I didn't come in last =) so all's good!


Lynette said...

I'll bet that hurt like the dickens, Brian. Glad you still had a decent day!

Cilla said...

WEll, you did a great try! It was hot too :(