Wednesday, September 1, 2010

cost cutting ... headaches

thoughts for this post are all a jumble.

i've been dealing with dsl issues with att.

i don't like att.

except for the last rep. he helped.

trying to save money, i canceled my home phone.

i mainly use work-provided cell and home phone is no longer needed to keep dsl.

my account was my phone number so they had to cancel.

and reissue a new account number. and start new service.

they had to send a tech to my house to change the wiring. since i wouldn't have a phone any longer. just dsl.

my house was once wired for 2 phones. until 9 years ago.

9 years ago the 2nd line was hidden behind some trim and drywall. Not needed.

att said everything was finished and should work. it didn't.

spent long time troubleshooting with att reps. got frustrated. yelled. at a computer voice even.

one rep asked if i'd tried the modem in every phone jack in the house.

No. I'd only tried it in the jack where i've had service for 14 years continually.

I hadn't tried it on the line that i canceled during the last cost cutting exercise 9 years ago.

the line that was later hidden in the wall during a remodel.

but, luckily, was easily accessible.

i crowbarred off some trim. ran to home depot. twice. for a wall jack.

hooked up the modem. it connected.

made some quick repairs. and back in business. 36 hours downtime.



Jim Klenke said...

sounds like fun

Halcyon said...

I also have the ATT DSL only. I know the problems of which you speak. But when I cut off the home phone line, I didn't want to switch to cable internet b/c I'd have to buy a new modem, etc. etc.

Hope everything gets back to normal.

Anonymous said...

no wonder you're bald, i'd pull my hair out, too!!! heheheee