Thursday, September 9, 2010

a corner of my world

today's photo is the corner where I work in my cubicle.

I've been sitting in this corner for over 6 years now. I've killed many trees in this corner - I see things better on hard copy than I do on the computer screen.

I like some variety in my beverages - and I don't drink a lot. Unless we're talking beer. But this is work, so we're not talking that. Yet.

Left to right I have a warm diet coke - and yes, I can drink it warm. Next I have cold coffee. And again, yes. I can drink it cold.

Last is some semi-sweet melted iced tea from Grandy's. The regular sweet is too much, so it's mixed with unsweet. And melted warm watered down tea is ok too =) I'm much more picky with my beer! It's gotta be nice and ice cold!

Happy Friday to all!


Jim Klenke said...

where is the pager?

Michael Gresham said...

But what is your favorite beer?

Halcyon said...

All cubicles look the same really. I find them so depressing.

Lynette said...

Catching up with you blog is fun, Brian. Here's to your cruise preparations--may they go smoothly.

About your drink choices, I used to drink Coca Cola every single day, preferring icy fountain ones. Now I only drink Barq's Root Beer or Dr. Pepper, old school, Warm or cooled by the frig is OK with me. Oh, and the and the occasional Mt. Dew, cold is best. I've never developed a taste for coffee, though. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to share my soda preferences. About Grandy's I can't remember anything about how the food or the drink tasted, but we used to go there now and then back when my husband was alive and we lived in Houston. My iced tea these days is cold brew sweetened with Splenda. Like you said about the typewriter and the record player probably meaning that you're old, Brian, I think my tea tastes mean I am older and hopefully smarter than when I used to drink it sweetened with lots and lots of sugar.