Sunday, August 8, 2010

You take the good...

you take the bad, you take them both... blah blah blah.. sounds like a flashback to my childhood tv viewings =)

Grandma had her bypass on Friday and is coming along well in Plano Heart Hospital, where the whole staff is taking great care of her! Today's photo was taken from her hospital room - which is super nice! I didn't dare post a picture of her in her hospital gown, she'd kill me!!

My PC, unfortunately, didn't make it through the weekend. It's been overheating the past few months, and I've recovered it from a couple 'blue screens of death'. But this time, it just wasn't meant to be. I'm posting today from Jim's pc. I'm completely without til the new one is delivered =(

Which means I ended my weekend with a frantic search for a new Dell online. I'd like an Apple, but I also have to live on a budget, so Dell won out =)

but life is good, and if I'd only bought Dell stock when i lived down in Austin back in 1993. Arghhh!


Halcyon said...

I've always been pleased with my Dells. I hope you didn't lose anything on your old comp.

Glad to hear Grandma is doing well!

Anonymous said...

You just bought that thing 2 years ago when I visited in Sept! MAN OH MAN!