Monday, August 23, 2010

was it a calgon Monday?

The normal Monday pressures did not get me down today!

When my car broke down (dead battery) at the gas station on the way home... no worries. I was luckily close enough to walk home and get the 2nd car to come back and jump my own car =)

Then I made it down to Firestone before they closed - and discovered that my battery was still under warranty. Seriously... Bad things for me are never 'covered'. But I got a brand new battery and was only out a total of 18.00 for a core charge fee and some other fee.. =)

Happy Monday - and thanks Firestone of Terrell!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty & Calgon sounds gooooood!!!

Halcyon said...

You have two cars?? Must be nice!

Love that bath-tub too.

Halcyon said...

You will love cruising! I think it's one of the most relaxing ways to vacation. Are you taking a boat from Houston?