Wednesday, December 17, 2008

State Farm Insurance - Terrell

Today's photo is another entry from the Terrell Christmas Parade last Saturday - this is the local State Farm insurance agent Graylan Dabney, whose office is located right behind the local gym where I've been working out these past few months. There has been a new office building under construction on hwy 205 south of Wal Mart where Mr. Dabney's insurance agency will be relocating to when completed, according to signs out in front of the new building.

I think this car and the idea for decorating vehicles like this is really cool - I just don't know that I'd do that for my personal car. I mean really, you could never do anything wrong because people would know exactly who you were when you did it. Go to the liquor store too much? everyone would know. Out at the donut shop every morning? Gotcha! Pulled over for running a red light? People see your pic and know its you!

Now, please don't confuse my humor with the insurance agent - the only thing I can tell you about him is that he works out regularly at the gym, because that's where I always see this car in the early mornin'=)
For insurance info, you can contact Mr. Dabney at 972-524-4194, or


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the post and thanks for giving the link. I’ll check it soon.

Dan said...

Lol, I think you are right. Although, being in the public eye doesn't seem to deter bad behavior in some of our notables in the political and entertainment industries!

BTW, being the cat lovin kind of guy you are, you will probably get a kick out of my post today.

Anonymous said...

Ug... Dabney is a sharp one at that. Must be in the bucks to get that building a float across from the 148. I am pals with the owners of the restraunt "Chelo's" next door. We are having a party on New Years, Underground DJ, beer and Marguaritas ..come down and have one on the house. Ps. It isnt so cool to have your picture on your car. Unless you are a porn star..,..that would be sweet. jp