Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A horse is a horse - #3

Today's photo is number 3 in the countdown to my top photo for the year of 2008. I selected this one partially because of the length of time it took me to get this shot.

I'd seen these cows laying out next to this sign once when I didn't have my camera, and by the time I went home and got back they'd all moved. It was another 5 or 6 months of driving by this pasture every day on my way home from work when I happened to catch them in just the right spot - AND i had my camera!!!


Anonymous said...

They should really pay more attention! Those cows should have gathered in another gated area! hehehehehehe lol roflmao!!!

Anonymous said...

Their looking at you like "what the hell is this guy doing"! I'd buy that horse and eat it!